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About Trader's :



Around a concept of « simple and performing » products, Founded in 1992, TRADER’S is the French company which edits the « Quick Software Line » suite.

It provides high availability software solutions for multiple platforms (Quick-EDD suite) and a complete printing suite to ensure the documents management (Quick-DOC suite) for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, System i, Power i).
Thanks to more than 20 years of experience and to its solutions mastery, TRADER’S gives its know-how to SMB, mid-range and large companies to guarantee the success of their project, either of system continuity or of document managing.

Around a concept of « simple and performing » products, based on the ease of implementation and parameters setting, an easy operation and extremely simple updates, TRADER’S is the reference interlocutor of IT managers. Nowadays, more than 2 400 customers trust us.






Some figures :

The Bank of France has assigned a rating "G3 ++ - Excellent" to Trader's. The purpose of the rating awarded by the Banque de France is to provide a summary indicator of a company's creditworthiness. It reflects the company's ability to meet all of its financial commitments over a three-year horizon.

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       Quick-EDD suite

           449 in France

           968 Worldwide

     Quick-DOC suite

           415 in France

           659 Worldwide

    + 100 Worldwide








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