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High Availability IBM  i - AS/400





Quick-EDD/HA covers all the needs for the security of your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, I5). Through journal technology, it replicates in real time on a remote IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, I5) all the database updates and all the object modifications made on the production system.

Quick-EDD/HA includes dynamic monitoring between the source and target systems, so as to trigger, if necessary, the alert procedures or switch of applications and users to the back-up system.

The creation of a journal on the target is not mandatory: if there is no journal, our Synchronization   tool, which is unique of its Type, will take over the restoration of the source during the return to the production system: system resources are thus spared, this return can be programmed quietly whilst continuing to work.

The unequalled performance of Quick-EDD/HA and it low machine usage allow the installation of a crossed back-up   .

Finer settings allow the replication of all or part of the database or of the objects; you can thus implement solutions with "back-up to multiple machines" (3 or more…)


hight availability ibm i - AS/400

Detail of the different replicated parts
Quick-EDD/HA includes Quick-EDD/DR


 Easy and Fast installation, parameter settings and training

 Ease of use

 Optimized switch operation

 Very low CPU and bandwidth usage

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