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Indexing / Storage



With Quick-ARCHIV create your search indexes for access to stored documents.





Quick-SPOOL, integrated in Quick-ARCHIV, allows you to create you own indexation of the spools.

You just have to select one or more significant fields in your original spools (example: invoice no., customer no., file no., amount, date...).

This is the index that provides immediate access to archived documents, including spools transfered to an external back-up medium.




Having become an object, the spool benefits from all the integrity of the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i). It benefits from all the external medium back-up functions and keeps all its attributes, including authorizations and availabilty management.

IMPORTANT : Indexing is completely independent from storage. It is thus possible to create or modify indexes structures at any time and for all your spools.



























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