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Data replication and data integration DB2/400 for IBM i


Quick-EDD/DR responds very easily to all your needs of data replication between IBM System servers (AS/400, iSeries, i5, Power i).

For so-called "intelligent" replication, Quick-EDD/DR includes all the functions allowing adaptation to different configurations:

Data formatting to adapt to the target data format
Data selection, so as only to replicate the information needed at the remote site, so saving the network use.
Selection of replicated operations

Finally, so as to match the production constraints, Quick-EDD/DR can provide replication in different forms:

In real time, on the fly, as for a back-up
Periodically, in accordance with scheduled planning managed by production
Event driven, by including the control functions in the applications, or through specific journal entries ("user" input via the SNDJRNE function)


Replication DB2/400















Ease of installation and daily management

Advanced functions of selection and formatting 

Very low CPU and bandwidth usage

Adapt to any type of organization







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