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Disaster recovery plan (DRP) / Asynchronous Mirror / Snapshots



Quick-EDD/OPEN facilitates the Disaster Recovery thanks to the Snapshots (point-in-time copy of the data) and to the asynchronous mirror : replication of the data on a remote site – recovery site, other production site.
This guarantees to you the protection of the data of your company if your production site stops, whether it’s planned or not.




Whether we implement or not a synchronous mirror on your production site, we can also create an asynchronous mirror with a remote site. In this case, data is transferred through the network (WAN), whatever the distance and the link speed between both sites.
Should a disaster occur on your production site, the data of your company is safe.













We can create at any time an image of the data managed by EDD/OPEN. This image becomes also a virtual volume.
For example, you can use it to reduce the data backup duration:

We make a Snapshot of the production data, it’s instantaneous
We map this Snapshot to the application server in charge of the backups on tape
The backup is done without disturbing the production!
















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