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Until now, you had always to allocate storage of fixed size to the application servers. After a certain period of time, some disks are full when others are almost empty.You always have to buy more disks, and to stop the machines to add to them this new storage.
With Quick-EDD/OPEN, your whole storage becomes one pool. Its blocks will be allocated on demand to each application server: just enough storage, just in time!
The storage use is optimized and you can add disks without stopping the application servers: it’s the thin provisioning.





                     JUST ENOUGH STORAGE, JUST IN TIME!


A part of the storage pool is cut into storage units of small size (128 MB for instance). Quick-EDD/OPEN maps 2 TB virtual volumes to the application servers; the initial physical size in the pool is 128 MB. As the storage needs of the application servers raise, more units of physical storage are allocated. When you need to add physical storage to the pool, this is done without interrupting the production!




The storage utilisation is maximized: the non-used storage remains in the pool, available for any application server

The applications only use the storage they need: budgets allocated to storage are reduced of about 60%

The critical applications keep working normally when their storage needs raise

The IT team does not waste time anymore to resize and reallocate the physical storage






























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