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Document distribution, emailing with the AS400/DB2 database





Quick-OFFICE is a production tool, intended for the production of letters, merged with the DB2 database.





Makes available to the user a simple and user friendly graphic interface, based on an "explorer" connected to the server(s) in real time IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i)

Its operation is similar to the Word 2000 interface, known to everyone.



Quick-OFFICE offers a graphic interface to create and manage your letters.


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 Mass production on the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i), domaine ou les outils PC ne peuvent répondre, compte tenu des problématiques de volumétrie.

 The production of letters, directly linked to the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i), applications, thus avoiding any data transfers between different systems



Quick-OFFICE provides mass production of your letters, directly on your systems IBM System i.


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Quick-OFFICE allows complete reuse of the office functions of the OFFICE/Vision tool, abandoned by IBM from version V5R1M0 of OS/400.


Quick-OFFICE includes a complete reuse and conversion engine for documents from Office Vision.


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 A client/server interface under Windows

 Fast processing and edition for huge volumes

 Diffusion by e-mail via the SMTP server or messaging solutions (Outlook, Notes ...)

 Storage in the IFS of your templates and merged documents in formats DOC, PDF
     and HTML







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