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Administration for IBM i



All Quick-SPOOL processes can be automated in accordance with your selected plan Quick-SPOOL offers a completely dynamic user interface, that can be customised by the system administrators. The user thus sees the spools intended for him presented according to the selected attributes and with the different authorised options.







mini_puce_orange.jpg DISTRIBUTION

According to base criteria (spool attributes) or application criteria (internal spool data), distributes status reports to the different destinations.

mini_puce_orange.jpg APPORTIONMENT

Displays the spool using quick search functions, manifests line breaks, page breaks.

mini_puce_orange.jpg CLASSIFICATION

Automatic spool data extraction making it possible to position the spool automatically in boxes, thereby facilitating spool management on the one hand, and, on the other hand, providing easy access for the user.

mini_puce_orange.jpg PURGING

Automation of all output queue purge functions. All spool attributes may be used for the selection, making it possible to adapt specific rules for each one.


mini_puce_orange.jpg EXTRACTING DATA TO EXCEL / DB2

Using data from the spool to dynamically produce documents that can be processed in office environments. This function integrates line and field selection options making it possible to extract only that information required.

mini_puce_orange.jpg STANDARD OS/400 COMMAND

Thanks to its totally open Interface, all OS/400 commands, and also all call-up of external functions (fax, e-mail, etc.) can be integrated into the automations.

mini_puce_orange.jpg SCHEDULING

The automated functions can be executed in real time, once uploaded by the application programme (closed), or as scheduled using the notion of set time, or periodicity. Execution of an automated function can also be triggered in a CLP programme or called up from an operating automated function.


















mini_puce_orange.jpg DISPLAY

Displays the spool using quick search functions, manifests line breaks, page breaks...

mini_puce_orange.jpg CLASSIFICATION

Free "box" management Enabling higher performance access, and better organisation of the workstation environment.

mini_puce_orange.jpg " BIN "

A special function enabling you to delete printing "logically", and with recourse in case of error. The "Bin" will be purged by the administration tools, according to the site rules, defined by the system administrator.



Different functions allow Management adapted to spool deletion to secure the print environment, and prevent any error on the part of the users.

mini_puce_orange.jpg COPY TO USER / LIST

Simple function enabling you to send part or total copy of printed data to one or more destinations, within the local system or to remote systems.

mini_puce_orange.jpg STANDARD OS/400 COMMAND

The interface can also integrate call-up of any standard OS/400 command.
















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