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The provision of your IBM System i spools on CD ROM



QUICK-SPOOL, allows your users to be provided with an IBM System i spool in data mode as a CD-ROM.






The PDF provision format allows any user to carry out a document search on a full text index via the CD-ROM reader of his PC and through the Acrobat Reader freeware.
Quick-PRESS is complementary to Quick-SPOOL because it performs the same type of processing in graphic mode (identical to the original publishing mode).
This tool is suitable for the distribution of spools outside the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i). In no case should this function be considered similar to an EDM. An EDM in fact performs rigorous management: transfers / accesses / security / storage media, Backup organisation.





















QUICK-SPOOL also, in parallel with the provision of IBM System i spools CD media, implements other output scenarios of these types: Printer(s) / Fax / E-mail and these on the same spools.


For archiving on the IBM System i see Quick-ARCHIV - For archiving on the network see GED











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