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Sending of the IBM System i spools to an EDM solution



Sending your IBM System i spools to an EDM solution includes a certain number of processes:






mini_puce_orange.jpg Creation of search indices on the spool(s)

mini_puce_orange.jpg Document division management depending on the indexes

mini_puce_orange.jpg Index / document liaison



mini_puce_orange.jpg Graphical formatting of the document(s)

mini_puce_orange.jpg Conversion of documents to the format expected by your EDM solution (PDF, PCL, HTML, TIFF...)

mini_puce_orange.jpg Making them available on the IFS or EDM server.





















Administration, storage medium management, security and backup procedures and backups for all the documents remain the responsiblity of the EDM.


Quick-SPOOL also, in parallel with the provision of IBM System i spools to an EDM solution, implements other output scenarios of these types: Printer(s) / Fax / E-mail and these on the same spools.


Our archiving solution, Quick-ARCHIV, takes into account all these components on the IBM System i  (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i).











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