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Automatic distribution of the spools to matrix printers



QUICK-SPOOL, the automatic direction of spools to your dot matrix printers for the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, I5, Power i).



                  MERGER FUNCTION


La fonction de fusion de Quick-SPOOL permet de regrouper l'ensemble des documents destinés à un même client. Ces documents peuvent être orientés vers l'imprimante matricielle de votre choix.



The Quick-SPOOL splitting / sorting function allows the distribution of documents to all your printers. A country code, a branch number, a user name will allow the documents to be automatically directed to the dot matrix printer for the country, branch or user.





















Quick-SPOOL also, in parallel with the printer output, from the same spool, implements other output scenarios of these types: Fax / E-Mail / Archiving / EDM.


With Quick-PRESS the graphical formatting of the original spool can be adapted to each address.









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