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 Analysis and Audit : Document Management of the Quick Software Line




TRADER'S is similarly able, in your project, to produce a detailed analysis of printing in your company so as to provide you with a solution matching your wishes and your site.




mini_puce.jpgListing of your printer fleet :
- Number of printers
- Their type (laser, matrix, ink jet or thermal)
- Printing speed
- Printer physical options (trays, connection method)
- Physical location in the company
- Printer modes of use

mini_puce.jpgInstalled print mode :
- Number of documents
- Type of documents (continuous forms, sheet, labels)
- Volume of different print runs
- Distribution of copies within the company
- Preprint graphic analysis (if matrix printer)
- Analysis of graphical mode used  (if laser printer)



mini_puce.jpgFleet physical description :
- Reuse of existing fleet
- Printer physical description (input / output / recto-verso trays)
- Printer connection method to the IBM i

mini_puce.jpgApplication graphic description :
- Black/white and/or colour printing
- Document graphic chart
- Graphic definition per document copy
- Functional reuse mode  (if already existing graphic solution)
- Graphic improvement suggestion as part of reuse
- Additional FAX / E-MAIL distribution
- Envelope stuffing (OMR code)
- Use of PJL commands















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