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News - High Availability  



„In our eyes, the Quick-EDD/HA solution was the perfect technology for upgrading by so many versions all at once...“


Nicolaï, project manager, Claranet puce_fleche_gd.jpg









„Quick-EDD/HA (High Availability) software, Helping Koopman to push the limits...“


Koopman, customer case puce_fleche_gd.jpg









„Quick-EDD/HA (High Availability) software, Trader's and his Japanese partner BITIS Inc, did a roadshow in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo...“


Quick-EDD/HA > Seminar - Japan puce_fleche_gd.jpg









„Quick-EDD/HA (High Availability) software, preventing accidents before they happen...“


Volvo car, customer case puce_fleche_gd.jpg








actu murphy usa

„Before Quick-EDD/HA was installed, Murphy USA's disaster recovery solution was consuming up to 40 percent of James Bock's time“


By Jim Utsler >> IBM Systems Magazine puce_fleche_gd.jpg









„Welche Hochverfügbarkeit ist die Richtige? Die beste Wahl zu treffen, nicht immer leicht“

High Availability ist für viele Unternehmen immer noch ein wichtiges Thema und steht ganz oben auf der Agenda. 24x7 Business ist heute oft gängiger Alltag, Wirtschaftsprüfer......










„Simplizität in einer komplexen Welt ist Schlüssel zum Erfolg“

Bei vielen mittelständischen Unternehmen sind ausfallsichere Infrastrukturen nötig, um den nachhaltigen Geschäftserfolg sicherzustellen. Doch die permanente Informations­verfügbarkeit sollte auch ohne großen Aufwand zu gewährleisten sein......










„BCS Group Ramps Up Quick-EDD/HA Software Business“

Whether you're seriously looking for IBM i high availability software or just window shopping, here's a company that should be on your radar: BCS Group. The Florida company has been selling and installing Trader's Quick-EDD/HA product for the last three years, and has about 100 customers, a company official says......










„יפן: א.מ.ת. ברמור וממורקס הישראליות ביצעו גיבוי חם במפעל ישקר שנסגר עקב האסון“

שתי החברות הישראליות התקינו מרחוק על מחשב המפעל תוכנת שכפול לגיבוי חם של QEDD, ששכפלה את המידע והעבירה אותו למחשב שבאתר הגיבוי האזורי של החברה בקוריאה......










„The hardware is organized in 2 different systems always kept aligned with the QUICK-EDD solution that allows an on-line back-up...“

As a partner of  a plurality of customers, we are experts in the analisys and realization of complex logistics projects applied to various sectors......










„La specifica procedura Quick EDD, che si avvale di repliche in tempo reale tra le due sedi, assicura, anche in caso di evento disastroso“

STM Group hardware infrastructure is based on IBM iSeries platform (formerly AS/400). This system runs with a dedicated software (W&D), specific for all warehouse and distribution activities......










„IBM  PureData For Analytics, Quick-EDD/DRm“

Quick-EDD/DRm solution is now enabled on the IBM PureData System for Analytics......










„IBM  PureData For Analytics, Quick-EDD/DRm“

La solution Quick-EDD/DRm est cerifiée IBM PureData System for Analytics......










„Press release:  Trimex’s IBM i and Quick-EDD business continuity plan smells of success...“

Trimex is a leading distributor of prestige cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products, employing over 600 staff nationally......










„IBM PureFlex, Quick-EDD/HA“

Certification de Quick-EDD/HA par IBM pour ses systèmes PureFlex......










„IBM PureFlex, Quick-EDD/HA“

Quick-EDD/HA solution is now enabled on the IBM PureFlex System......


















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